• Embedded System Prototyping
    • FPGA Prototyping
    • Logic Design
    • Functional Verification

A computer system consists of hardware and software. In many cases, a general-purpose personal computer or server is used as the hardware, and a dedicated computer board is used for embedded applications.

When a computer system is built with a general-purpose personal computer or server, specific processing may become a bottleneck and the overall processing capacity of the system may be reduced. Also, general-purpose computers may not meet power consumption requirements.

Instead of using an expensive general-purpose computer, you may be able to achieve a cost-effective computer system by adding hardware that processes specific functions at high speed. By creating a hardware accelerator prototype, it becomes possible to study the cost performance of the combination of general-purpose computers and hardware accelerators with higher accuracy. As hardware that processes specific functions at high speed, there are GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).

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