• IoT System Prototyping
    • Device
    • Gateway
    • Cloud Server

IoT / M2M generally consists of devices, gateways, and cloud servers. The device is a device that collects information from sensors. The gateway aggregates information from multiple devices and optimizes the transaction to the cloud server. The cloud server stores information such as sensing data sent from the gateway and analyzes the information. Users can access the sensor information and analysis results via the cloud server REST API.

The gateways and the devices are often implemented in embedded systems. The embedded systems may require a lot of time to set up a development environment because the software development method is different from general computer systems. Also, handling electronic devices such as sensors requires the knowledge of electrical circuits.

The embedded system prototype with the sensors and sample software makes it possible for software engineers to develop the system with little knowledge of hardware. Also, in the case of adding or changing sensor devices, it becomes possible to respond to that situation promptly.